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PTE Master provides PTE training course to all students who wish to achieve a high score. We started our journey in 2016 and have helped thousands of students to achieve their desire score in short amount of time.

With enormous experiences in tackling the PTE exam, PTE MASTER has successfully become the first center in Australia to develop a fully automated platform that allows students to take a mock test and receive result almost instantly.

All algorithms are built based on the real mathematic calculations as per the standard of PTE Academic.

How PTE Master helps you achieve your
desire score in PTE academic ?


Through our vast network and connections, we can collect the latest and rarest questions that have recently appeared in the exam so you learn and memorize.


It's highly recommended to know where your theoretical score is by taking our mock tests. They allow you to test your knowledge and boost your confidence.

One of the best PTE TOOLS

Our PTE AI will analyze your speech and provide an immediate score based on your level of English, all results are aligned with Pearson's scoring standards.

PTE tips & tricks

We provide the best PTE templates for students to apply in different modules such as Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Summarize Written Text, Essay and Summarize Spoken Text. This helps to boost student's score in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Powerful PTE AI

Frictionless and powerful AI machine that gives accurate and instant result. Unlike other PTE platforms, our system is able to produce the result in just 1 second upon completion.


For students who are feeling demotivated and stuck when studying for PTE because you keep getting low score, we have a wide range of courses available at an affordable price so everyone can have a chance to achieve their desire PTE score.


One of the best PTE Academic Exam preparation tools to evaluate your performance
  • Full practice tests
  • Sample questions
  • Model answers
  • Scored Mock Test
  • Study Plan
  • Video tutorials
  • Ebook
  • Sectional Tests
  • Developed by PTE certified trainers

Questions for Practice


AI Scored Mock Tests



PTE Mock Test


How It Works

Our mock tests are built based on the original algorithms of the PTE Tests. All information about the Pearson's scoring system can be found at the end of this post. It has been a long time since anyone has come up with a simple enough system for students to simply take a test anywhere, anytime and receive their score automatically.

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