How is the PTE exam after 16 November?

From November the 16th, the overall test length will decrease from around 3 hours to around 2 hours. This is a significant shortening of the overall test.
So, if you’re taking PTE exam before November 16th, you’ll take the 3 hour exam, and if you’re taking PTE on or after November 16th you’ll take the 2 hour exam.

What is changing on November 16th.

  • Your Score Report will change in appearance
  • The test length will reduce to 2 hours
  • The number of questions will reduce
  • The optional break will be removed

What’s not changing in the PTE exam.

  • The difficulty level will stay the same
  • Your score requirements will NOT change
  • The question types will NOT change
  • Your score requirements will stay the same 

You can prepare for the two-hour test in the same way you would for the three-hour test.

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