PTE New Format Changes: What to Expect?

Are you gearing up for the forthcoming PTE exam to forward your study abroad or immigration visa application?

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the latest changes in the PTE format!

Your study approach and reference materials will hinge on these updates.

In this article, PTE Magic will guide you through the recent modifications.

Let’s dive in.

What's changed in the PTE format? The upcoming PTE modifications are bound to excite you.

Several tweaks have been made to the PTE exam that can be advantageous for you. Notably, there are two primary updates:

PTE Test Duration Here's a piece of welcome news for all PTE aspirants.

It will please aspirants to learn that the PTE Exam duration has been reduced by an hour, now lasting only 2 hours instead of 3.

If you're worried that 2 hours might not be enough for a comprehensive English proficiency test, fear not. This condensed test still encapsulates all the core attributes of PTE Academic like top-notch accuracy, security, speedy results, global acceptability, and acknowledgment.

Owing to this time cutback, the sequence of the sections will be modified.

There will also be a decrease in the number of questions across several sections, bringing down the total questions you'll face from a range of 70-82 to 52-64.

For more insights on the revised test duration, please refer to the table provided below.



Old test timing

New test timing


Speaking and Writing

77-93 minutes

Around 54-67 minutes



34-41 minutes

Around 29-30 minutes



45-47 minutes

Around 30-43 minutes

The number of test questions

The updated PTE format also diminishes the quantity of questions in every segment (refer to the table provided).

  • Speaking & Writing
Question types Old test format New test format New time allowed
Personal Introduction 1 No change 1 minute
Read Aloud 6-7 No change Around 54-67 minutes
Repeat Sentence 10-12 No change
Describe Image 6-7 3-4
Retell Lecture 3-4 1-2
Answer Short Question 10-12 5-6
Summarize Written Text 2-3 1-2
Write Essay 1-2 No change
Question Range 39-48 28-36
  • Reading
Question types Old test format New test format New time allowed
Fill in the blanks – reading & writing 5-6 No change  
Multiple choice, multiple answers 2-3 1-2 Around 29-30 minutes
Re-order paragraph 2-3 No change
Fill in the blanks – reading 4-5 No change
Multiple-choice, single answer 2-3 1-2
Question range 15-20 13-18
  • Listening
Question types Old test format New test format New time allowed
Summarize spoken text 2-3 1-2  
Multiple choice, multiple answers 2-3 1-2 Around 30-43 minutes
Fill in the blanks 2-3 No change
Highlight correct summary 2-3 1-2
Multiple-choice, single answer 2-3 1-2
Select missing word 2-3 1-2
Highlight incorrect word 2-3 No change
Write from Dictation 3-4 No change
Question range 17-25 12-20

Additional Updates: The 10-minute break has been removed, enabling you to complete the exam faster. Feedback on your test and performance assistance will solely be accessible via your MyPTE account.

Pearson PTE has revised its scorecard for more transparent score representation.

While the Overall and Communicative skill scores will persist, the Enabling skill scores will vanish from score reports post-November 16th, 2021.

You might be curious about the whereabouts of your Enabling skills. From November 16th onward, feedback and performance support specific to your results will be available via your MyPTE account, aiding your educational planning.

When were these modifications introduced? Starting November 16th, 2021, Pearson introduced the condensed version of the PTE Test and the PTE at Home option.

Candidates eagerly awaiting the ‘PTE at Home’ release will find it advantageous.

Furthermore, for those keen on the ‘PTE at Home’ option, scheduling for the PTE Academic online test began on October 25, 2021.

What remains consistent in the PTE test? You might question if the shorter duration ups the test's challenge. Fear not! The new format of Pearson PTE will be beneficial for test participants.

The silver lining is that the 20-question types remain unchanged, meaning your study approach stays intact. The only shift in your preparation will be adapting to the new timing.

Also, the 2-hour version upholds the same standards and stringent criteria as its 3-hour counterpart. Its recognition by authoritative bodies, such as governments for visa applications, remains unaffected.

In summary, staying abreast with PTE exam alterations can guide you in crafting a strategic and efficient study blueprint. The new PTE format is set to enhance your study sessions and minimize test-day anxiety.

However, it's crucial to avoid making assumptions and to practice using simulation tests.

If you encounter challenges, we encourage you to discuss them directly with us; we're always on standby to assist you in acing the test.





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