Practical Tips for PTE Essay Writing and Summarize Written Text

The PTE writing section is one of the most tricky sections and there have been cases where native English speakers have failed to crack the task. Thus, it is natural for students to keep an eye out for PTE tips that help them clear the round. To help, we have curated a set of PTE writing guidelines to help you clear the exam.

PTE essay writing tips that aid in your preparation:

PTE essay writing is not as simple as jotting down 200-300 words in different paragraphs in under 20 minutes. The exercise often puts pressure on students and they end up writing those 300 words in a way that conveys no meaning.


However, this is not the right way. Although nobody can exactly tell you how to write an essay, you must realize that there is a PTE specified format that needs to be adhered to without any fail.


For instance, this is the format to be followed:



Body: Argument 1 (for/against)

Body: Argument 2 (for/against)



Now, that you have registered the format in your mind, it is time to make note of certain PTE tips that help you improve your score.


  1. The topic should be conveyed as clearly as possible in the introduction paragraph.
  2. Let your sentences be small and crisp
  3. Avoid using difficult words
  4. Avoid repetition of the words. Instead, you could use synonyms.
  5. Crosscheck your spellings
  6. Use correct grammar
  7. Let the language be professional. Stick to using PTE academic language.
  8. Do not leave the essay without a proper conclusion.


In addition to the aforementioned, it is absolutely essential to plan your essay’s structure well. Always ensure that you are left with enough time to review what you have written at the end. 

Summarize Written Text:

Elaborating on an idea just to make it longer is not the tricky part. The tricky part lies in the summing up exercise wherein a text of 300 words needs to be conveyed in a single statement. This is where practice helps the most. You should brush up on your skill of summarising the whole content in a single line of 5-75 words without altering the meaning.


Doesn’t seem challenging yet? Does the task need to be completed in under 10 minutes? Do you feel the pressure now? Let us ease it with some tried and tested tips that will enable you to secure well.


Before we get started, it is important to realize the objectives of this task. Through the Summarize written text task, the candidate’s content assessed beside the grammar, vocabulary, and formal requirements.


Thus, while answering the question, it is mandatory to begin with a capital letter and end the statement with a full stop. It is worth noting that only one full stop is allowed.


Tips to ace the task

  1. Begin the task by skimming through the content to understand the topic well.
  2. Practice reading well and taking notes as much as possible.
  3. Make it a practice to find the keywords/key points in the content.
  4. Stick to the topic
  5. Ensure that you do not alter the meaning or modify the purpose.
  6. Refrain from giving unnecessary examples
  7. Do not use too many articles
  8. Use a comma or semicolon if required.


Keep these tricks in mind while you write your text. If you are still not able to track your progress well, you can get professional help. A person acquainted with the PTE standards will certainly help you polish your punctuations, grammar, vocabulary, and spellings besides giving a detailed assessment of your performance.


PTE is not a difficult exam. It only requires strategic utilization of skills and performance. You can easily score well and crack the exam. Believe in yourself and if you think you need help, seek professional guidance right away!




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